Summer Thunderstorms = Electrical Surges!

Summer Thunderstorms = Electrical Surges!hernando florida home electrical, pasco county electrical service, electrical repair tampa fl, st Petersburg fl electrical safety inspections,  Clearwater electrical outlet install,  palm harbor fl electrical panel upgrade

ElectricQuest Florida Electricians Recommend Surge Protectors

The Florida Summer is fast approaching and so are our afternoon thunderstorms.  How often have you come home at the end of the day to find your clocks flashing, microwave clock set to zero and maybe some lights are on or your fan is spinning the opposite direction?

This all happens too often in Florida to homeowners.  Our afternoon thunderstorms often cause our lights to flicker and the power to surge or spike.  This time of year our team of Florida residential electrical contractors are asked how to protect household electronics (i.e. computers, televisions, etc.)

Our Florida electricians recommend either unplugging everything or using surge protectors to protect your electronics.  Unplugging can be a bit of nuisance so many Florida homeowners opt for surge protectors.

A power surge or spike is an increase in voltage that is significantly above the designated level in a flow of normal electricity.  A standard Florida home wiring voltage is 120.  If the voltage raises above 120 volts this can create a problem, which then causes the power to surge or spike which can then destroy electronics in a home or office for that matter.

It’s almost like running water through a garden hose…when there is too much water pressure in the hose the end result will be that the hose bursts.  Same thing with electrical wiring, if there is too much voltage running through the wiring all at once the electrical machine plugged into it will “burst.”

The Florida ElectricQuest Electricians encourage homeowners to use power strips or surge protectors especially this Summer with our often severe thunderstorms.  In the event a homeowner finds they have been victim to a bad storm and they have experienced electrical damage to their home we invite them to contact us.  Our Florida electrical contractors are all licensed and extremely knowledgeable.  Call us or fill out our online contact form.

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