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The heat of the summer is around the corner and our A/C units are going to be running on all cylinders soon enough. The electrical system should get a preventive maintenance check up to ensure we have no failures or melt downs when it’s too late. Call today for you FREE electrical safety inspection of your system with any repairs! (888)817-2455

Usually, your circuit breaker will shut down the flow of electricity to your home when an overload is detected. Unfortunately, a service panel can’t do its job without routine maintenance. Malfunctioning service panels put your home at greater risk for an electrical fire, so be sure to look out for these signs of a failing service panel:

Intense Heat: Large amounts of electrical energy are constantly running through your outlets and wires, so it’s normal for electrical components to be warm to the touch. However, your service panel should not be hot enough to cause pain or burn the skin. An overheated service panel is a sure sign of an electrical overload. Consider a replacement if your service panel begins to overload and overheat on a regular basis.

Electrical Discharge: Home wiring is designed to safely contain electrical currents. As a result, any visible electrical discharge from your service panel reflects a serious malfunction. If sparks occur, cut power from the panel immediately and contact an electrician. You should also contact a professional if your see or smell smoke coming from your service panel. A smoking or sparking service panel should be replaced by an electrician immediately.  

Audible Warnings: Many service panels are equipped with a service buzzer—this alarm goes off automatically when your service panel begins to malfunction. Typically, the buzzer will sound when the parts inside your service panel are burnt, overloaded, or seriously damaged. In these cases, a service panel replacement is may be necessary, so make sure to have an electrician inspect the service panel even if the buzzing stops on its own.

Contact ElectricQuest if your electrical service panel goes on the fritz. Our experienced and certified technicians will be able to handle any service panel repair. We can be reached 24/7 at (888) 817-2455.

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