Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electrician



Commercial Emergency Electrician Services

Do you have an electrical power outage?  We understand that when your business has electrical problems you stand to lose substantial amounts of money. Electrical problems are nothing to fool around with and that is why ElectricQuest offers 24 hour emergency electrician services to our commercial customers.

By phoning our 24 hour dispatch at Hernando (352) 270-3119 – Pasco (727) 437-0674
Pinellas & Hillsborough (813) 261-4784 you will speak directly to a real person and not an answering machine. For emergencies at any hour, your particular need is referred to our experienced personnel. An experienced emergency electrician will call you back within minutes of your call to gather all the pertinent information to insure that the correct resources are immediately dispatched to your location.

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Hernando (352) 270-3119
Pasco (727) 437-0674
Pinellas & Hillsborough (813) 261-4784

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