Electrical Wiring Issues

Electrical Wiring Issues

 Electrical Wiring Issues Electrical Wiring Issues can cause major problems, if your old panel box has somehow managed to stay in perfect condition, then it may not be an immediate fire hazard. However, if it has been damaged by renovations or if it has corroded due to humidity, then it can indeed be dangerous. The only way to be sure that your older electrical installation is not going to cause a fire is to have it thoroughly inspected. If you are having Electrical Wiring Issues please don’t put yourself or your family at risque!

Houses that date to the early to mid-70’s may still have their original wiring. Is it safe?

We have the equipment to review existing electrical systems with no detectable damage to your walls, floors or ceilings, and the cost of the inspection will be clear-cut and up front. We don’t make up problems to cover the cost of a “free” safety inspection.

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