Bulb Education: What Is An Incandescent Light?

Bulb Education: What Is An Incandescent Light?ElectricQuest-Light-Your-Way

Incandescent lights are one of the least efficient light bulbs but at the same time the most common. They are popular because they produce a mellow light that is very similar to natural sunlight and they also are the most inexpensive bulbs to buy. However, incandescent lights usually range from 1000 to 2000 hours of use in a standard home.  Not only do they have a short life span, they only convert 15% of the energy they use into actual light.  The rest is converted into heat making them one of the most expensive types of bulbs to use for lighting.  If you don’t want to use other bulbs like Tungsten-halogen, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Tubular fluorescent fixtures or High-intensity discharge (HID), you might want to try using Reduced-wattage incandescent which produce the same amount of light output but use less energy than the standard incandescent.

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